Friday, October 05, 2007

A Meme Walks Into a Bar...

I've been tagged by Andi for a Four things meme. If you're not in the mood for a healthy dose of narcissism, please scroll to the bottom to see if you've been tagged.

Four Things...

Four Jobs I've Had
Trash picker at the Oregon State Fair. I was fourteen and got the job because my uncle was the fair director. I actually liked it. I can still remember the smell of the hay in the barns in the early morning, and the way the dust looked in the sunlight in the stalls. And the fair food for lunch. Who doesn't want some good fair food?

Victim Witness Coordinator. I was assigned to adult felony crimes at our DA's office. This was my very favorite job. I loved going to court, the police ride alongs, the feeling that I was helping people and working against the "bad guys." What I didn't like was how insensitive it made me. You have to develop a hard shell when you're dealing with constant tragedy, and I got to the point where I could eat my lunch and look at autopsy pictures, or get excited when a "good rape case" landed on my desk.

Case Worker. This was a little more my speed. I worked at a battered women's shelter and handled a case load of clients. I liked that my job was to help them get back on their feet, make a new life. I didn't have to deal with the abuse aspect, rather I was there as a healing "move forward" catalyst, and there is nothing like seeing a woman get an admission letter to a local state college and acting as if it were a Harvard acceptance letter. Because to these women, doing anything on their own without being controlled is an enormous victory.

Minion. I don't know what my actual job title was, but in college my husband (well, at the time boyfriend) started a company that ran political campaigns for local candidates. I worked on two campaigns - one for the mayor and one for a city council person. I licked envelopes, made calls, and helped canvas neighborhoods to register citizens to vote. And I was dating the boss.

Four Movies I'd Watch Over and Over
Finding Nemo
The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
The Wizard of Oz
The Godfather series

Four TV Shows
The Girls Next Door (Can't. Look.Away.)
Big Love
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Sex and the City reruns

Four Places I've Gone on Vacation
Bahamas, Lost Lake, France, Jekyll Island

Four Fave Foods
Goat Cheese (on anything. A caramelized onion tart, my entire body - doesn't matter)
Pad Thai with tofu
Gin and Tonic (limes happen to be an excellent source of Vit. C)
The spicy bean burritos from the vendors in Peurto Penasco, Mexico

Four Websites I visit Daily
Several dozen or more from my favorites list (there are over a hundred on there)
Huffington Post
The Weather Channel (I know. I check every day. Nerd alert)
Uh, more blogs from my favorites

Four Places I'd Rather Be
In bed reading
In a hammock on an island, reading
Snorkeling through calm lagoon waters with my kids, with a good book waiting on the beach
Disney with the kids

Four Bloggers I Tag
Painted Maypole
Dorky Dad
Absolutely Bananas


BOSSY said...

Look at ya, all multi-dimensional and stuff! said...

You and I enjoy the same type of movies. Some of my favorites.... AND THE BEACH. Oh, yeah.

Nancy said...

I would have bet against you being able to eat your lunch and look at autopsy pictures.

Interesting stuff =)

Joanie said...

I love how similar our lists of four would be, excluding (obviously) the jobs one and The Thomas Crown Affair. :)

painted maypole said...

yay! you tagged me. Thanks. this is great on 2 levels. ONE. I had nothing to blog about today.TWO. I just did this as an e-mail to a friend, so will barely have to think about it. I love it! Thanks!

(and this was very interesting... particularly the jobs)

Lorelai said...

Oh so glad to know I'm not the only one who enjoys the Weather Channel.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Goat cheese? Really? Maybe I have misjudged it all these years.

24crayons said...

I tagged you!

flutter said...

You are so fun!

andi said...

Why are other people's responses to memes always so much more entertaining than mine?

I also LOVE Big Love and Curb Your Enthusiasm. And all of your favorite foods (but I must confess, I've never had those particular bean burritos).

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

AH--me too on the Girls Next Door. Its like a train wreck...I have to watch if I catch it on TV. Also, I check the weather at LEAST once a day, so I am a nerd too I guess.

Anonymous said...
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