Thursday, June 07, 2007

Totally Useless Trivia Fed My Family Lunch

I've referred to my nine year-old, Chloe, as an onion before. I find it both amusing and yet not exactly surprising that she chooses to call into radio trivia shows on her way into school each morning. I mean, what's a girl to do in carpool to while away her time?The thing is, she's been winning. She's won enough that after she used her own name, she's had to go with aliases (friends' names) in order to get the free lunches at a local Mexican restaurant. Yesterday afternoon I had to sign a document at the radio station stating that she wouldn't call in for thirty days.Apparently, my nine year-old is taking up too much oxygen on the commuter show geared toward grown-ups. And these are the adults who aren't answering the Daily Trivia Question! correctly, forcing my over-achieving kid into exasperatingly calling in and setting them straight.We enjoyed some really good Mexican food compliments of my daughter who eerily knows the answers to things like:What is the number one regret that American newlyweds have about their wedding?orWhat is the most common answer given by housewives when asked about their "dream" profession?Clearly, in addition to studying land forms, Mesopotamia, and the Louisiana Purchase, Chloe has figured out that Americans really want their dogs in the wedding ceremony, and that all housewives pine to write romance novels.An onion.

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