Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Experiment Check-In

Uh, yeah.A few days ago I may have had some piss and vinegar in me and told everyone in the damn blogsophere that I was going to shadow my toddler and do and eat everything he did. The point being I would be more active! More healthy! Tailing my preschooler would be fun(!) because we're all so sedentary and eat too much. I would re-awaken my inner child and have a stronger core. The Peter Pan Challenge as Nancy said.It didn't go as expected (note to Bossy: shut up.). First, let me just say that it is logistically impossible to do this if you have anything else going on. Like living. Or breathing. I quickly realized two things:1. Five year old boys never stop. Never. Stop.2. Jacob may have rickets.By three in the afternoon on day one I had eaten a small handful of dry cereal (while watching Noggin and laying on my bag bicycling my legs in the air), one slice of turkey, maybe two bites of apple, some hot chocolate, and a Flintstone vitamin (plus many, many milligrams of caffeine). By four, I had become a pusher."Jacob, want a snack? Please?""No, thanks.""How about some cheesebread? Or a raspberry bar? Or a spinach salad with some white wine?"Also? My calves have fallen off my legs from all the damn jump-roping and I am going to auction them off for charity. And if you want your sternum in one piece, stay off the fucking monkey bars.My treadmill awaits.

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