Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband, Bob. Having four kids doesn't make this man a good father. Anyone can be a sperm donor. So many things make Bob an outstanding father, that listing them would read like the world's longest and sappiest Hallmark card. But I need to point out that this is a man who works his ass off for his family, and still takes the time to give personal attention to each and every one of the kids. Long after my girls leave home, they will hold dear to them memories of movie Saturday with Daddy (while mom reads a book at home), or shopping with him and cajoling him into yet one more thing they don't need, or time just spent talking to him, knowing that he really listens and cares and adores every child for the person they are.He often comes home from work exhausted, hungry, and drained from a day doing things that would cripple most people. I know he would rather have a beer and just decompress. But instead he throws his jacket on the back of the chair and watches Jacob ride his bike, or helps me avoid total meltdown and takes over homework patrol, or orders Chinese food so that we can all just hang out and not worry about what to make for the crew. I'm sure he would love a hobby, or some free time, but he always tells me the kids are his hobby, his family his joy, and so the golf clubs sit collecting dust in the garage, and this former Oregon Duck season ticket holder hasn't seen a game in years. He's too busy being there for us.I take for granted his devotion, and I think I forget how good I have it. I see so many women struggling with working a job, caring for the kids, and coming home to husbands who do nothing to contribute to the family other than in the financial sense. When I get fed up with some small annoyance, I remind myself that women would line up around the block to be with this man who derives such pleasure in providing for his family, such happiness in making his wife and children laugh.My children are blessed beyond measure, and I love so very much this man my babies call Daddy.

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