Friday, June 22, 2007

Ants on a Log

Thank God the weekend is almost here. What a week. Maddie's bedroom was flooded due to a slab leak caused by tree roots, we've switched realtors, and I got to be the lucky lady to fire our last one, the dishwasher broke before I left for Mexico and a repair person is only just getting here today, yadda yadda yadda. I'm ready to sleep in and have Bob make the coffee!On the flip side, it's been absolutely beautiful weather (okay, a little hot, but it's summer for cripe's sake), Chloe has been away at camp for nearly a week and no calls from her counselor stating she's homesick or hurt herself, and today I get to make ants on a log for Jacob's day camp.Last year, when Jacob attended the very same day camp studying bugs, Jack had been born, and we were spending our days in the NICU while the kids were scattered at various day camps. On the last day of Jacob's camp, there was a big "Bug Blowout" and all the parents came at lunchtime with some buggie food concoction to share. I broke away from Jack, right before a blood gas test that was pretty crucial, and went with Bob to the Bug Blowout. Earlier that week, my dad and his wife had made brownies and mailed them in a care package to our family, so I grabbed the tupperware container of baked love and brought that as my contribution. They were delicious, but not "buggy" and I could tell that Jacob sensed my distraction and worry. This year? I am making ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and raisins) and Jack and I are coming to the Bug Blowout. All 23 pounds of him. He'll probably shriek his displeasure at being up and in a hot camp room with a dozen or so little campers, but that will make me smile today, as I think of how strong his lungs must be to wail like he can. We're going to have a blast.Have an awesome weekend.

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