Friday, June 08, 2007

Hasta La Vista

Happy Friday, everyone. I am taking off this Sunday with my children and heading down to Mexico. With my kids. For a week. With my kids. And three other crazy ladies and their kids. It's amazing the lengths your average housewife will go to get some good tequila.
Next week, we're having some very special guest bloggers. Why guest bloggers you ask? Because I am too lazy to write things and have my husband post them for me, so I have tapped some other willing people and bribed asked them to post something for me in my absence.
Even my dear husband will be piping in, and I have no idea what that man will be saying when I'm gone. But if the words "Asian Hooker" are used, it's too late, and I have no cell phone or computer availability where I'm going.
I'm a little nervous, given that we're not staying in a hotel, or an all-inclusive resort. It will be hot, I'm pretty sure no one speaks French where we're going, and I'm just a nervous person anyway.
But our house is on the beach. There will be fresh fish, homemade ice-cream while we watch the sunset, and hopefully some really neat memories that stay with my kids forever.
Talk to you in a week!

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