Friday, December 07, 2007

Tree Trimming and Snow Prep

We've got a storm coming, and I have a bare pantry. So....I will be preparing the hatches for weather today. For all of you on the coasts who have been suffering through the crazy weather, I hope all is well.

We plan on braving the elements tonight and doing the town's First Friday art activities. There will be a chili feed, which is not only free dinner, kids! but cozy and delightful sounding as long as there are not gale force winds. If there are, we're doing pizza and staying home.

Stay safe, have a great weekend, and enjoy your kids.


Nancy said...

The photo of Bob and the baby is priceless.

Rima said...

Sounds like an excellent family friday night. Don't forget to drive around and look at all the lights, too.

Um, and can I have your house?

Jen M. said...

Rima - it's on the market! Want to move? ;)

Just Seeking said...

We are hunkering down this weekend as well. We are making Christmas cookies---for an exchange and also to load into tins to distribute to neighbors and friends---then we are making our Christmas gift lists for others and doing some online shopping, we're working on Christmas cards, and decorating the house. I love this stuff!
But first I have to put down my book and crawl out of bed!

painted maypole said...

love trimming the tree! we did ours on wed.

hope you have a lovely evening, whatever happens

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Wonderful photo. Enjoy your family, too!