Friday, September 07, 2007

We Have a Winner and PBN Blog Blast

The young ladies in my house have picked number thirteen, which corresponds to A Blonde Blogger! Thanks for playing and doing something great (she's walking for charity and soliciting can read her comment). Shoot me an e-mail and I'll get your Amazon g.c. to you.

Speaking of free things, participate in the Parent Bloggers Network blogblast any time today before midnight and you could win a $250 Coach gift certificate. I know as soon as I get home, my post for today will be the blog blast! Here are the rules:

We're sure that all moms have at least one item in their closets that really should have been donated (or trashed) years ago. Tell us how your style has deteriorated over the years and provide some photographic evidence - a picture of the most hideous item that's still darkening your closet - and 'fess up to why it's still in there!
Why should you embarrass yourself in this manner? Because you could win a $250 Coach gift certificate! Face it, a great bag can make any schlumpy mom outfit look better.
How to participate?
1) On Friday, September 7, before midnight PST, write a post about your style - or lack thereof - and include a picture of the item(s) in your closet that most desperately need to be donated. Title it creatively and descriptively.
2) In the text of your post, link to PBN ( and Harper Collins (
3) Send us the link to your post (email to
We'll round up all the posts on PBN and draw one winner at random (really, at random - who'll get a $250 Coach gift certificate. Do you have a Coach bag? I don't! And even if you do, can you really have too many Coach bags? I doubt it!


Katrina said...

My entry is in...sad, but in.

Kristi B. said...

Oh man! I would love a $250 Coach gift certificate! I do have 3 Coach bags actually, and all three are in pathetic shape---needing serious cleaning and polishing. I wonder if they'd like a picture of how puky those bags look?

ablondeblogger said...

I won?!!! Oh thank you!!! I'm so happy!!!

Hey, do you actually have a gift card already, or can the $10 be in the form of a donation to the Alzheimer's Assocation for my walk?

No problem if you already have an actual GC. I thought I'd ask just in case (and I really won't mind spending the money on myself at all! LOL)

Thank you SO much! ((((LOVE AND HUGS))))

I'll email you right now.

ablondeblogger said...

Oh, I am SO utterly bummed I missed the Coach contest, btw. I have had my sights set on a Coach bag and am praying I get it for Christmas!