Sunday, April 15, 2007

If You Don't Forward This to Ten Friends in the Next Ten Minutes....

I received one of those forwards the other day, those "getting to know you forwards" whereby you read maybe twenty questions or so, see the answers your friend has filled in, and then cut and paste the questions, answer them, and send the thing off again to a dozen of your unsuspecting friends.These things shame me.

Question Number Six:What's in your car right now?

Friend's Answer: Jumper cables, a map, kleenex, an old copy of Oprah Magazine and the garage door opener. Geeze, what a mess :)

My answer: Children's underwear, old cheese, two - no three - empty juice boxes, someone's backpack, and, oh God. I'm just stopping right here and pretending that's it. That's what's in my car. You try keeping a house our size clean everyday for the realtors and see if you have time to clean the damn car. Judger.

Question Number Eleven:What Was Your Most Recent Memorable Dream? Friend's Answer: I can't tell you that! Let's just say it involved Brad Pitt and some vaseline. As exciting as that was, I still loooove my dear hubbie.

My answer: Well. I was in my house, but it wasn't really my house. And someone came to my door and it was a mom. She was pushing her stroller and she just pushed it right into my house. I am not making this up. She got dirt tracks everywhere, all over the new wood floors in the front room. I was like, am I dreaming, because who would do this? Then, she whipped out this cleaning attachment from the side of the stroller and started vacuuming up the dirt. It was a stroller/vacuum combo. I just watched her vacuum up all that dirt. I didn't clean any of it.

As exciting as that was, I still loooove my dear hubbie.