Monday, April 23, 2007

How Low Will They Sink?

Clearly the people over at Pampered Chef are willing to do what it takes to get my business. Can I get a vote here? Am I really that much of a throwback that I am alone in my guffaws when looking at this ad? It's not that my husband doesn't pull his weight around the house. He does. But somehow I drew the Betty Crocker stick when we married. Also, why does she look so happy that he's only cutting one green onion at a time? Why isn't she grabbing the knife and chopping four or five of those babies, while berating him for his obvious attempt to get out of helping with the cooking? Or are they really geniuses over there at the Pampered Chef headquarters? Is this their sly maneuver to get us to overlook the man's obvious passive aggression with the knife, and choose instead the pricier food chopper? Ahh.