Thursday, July 12, 2007

Throwback Thursday

I've read here and there on the internet about Throwback Thursday, and I'm jumping in. Today will be busy. More family coming in, our final counter-offer was presented last night, so we should know today if the house is really going to be sold to these people, and I've got another one getting ready for overnight camp.

Plus, this is more than appropriate, because yesterday at the gym I was really feeling my age. Not because my outfit wasn't right, not because I was unable to move my body, but because I managed to get on an elliptical machine next to some fetus who kept clicking her phone open and shut. There we were, both pedalling fast, and I kept hearing this incessant click, tap tap tap tap tap tap, click. Stupid me. I should have known. I looked over and there she was, working out as hard as her little fetus body would let her and texting messages at the same time.

For the record, I have only texted once and it took me several minutes to figure out each letter. It was in response to a girlfriend texting me at this year's Fourth of July Parade. Bob and the kids marched with the Italian American Club (we have a Norwegian last name and heritage on both our father's sides but Bob's maternal grandparents came over from Italy). I got a text from my girlfriend, assumed it would have something to do with why the hell were they in the IA club, but this is what it read. Nice socks on yur hub. They were pulled up to the knee, and they weren't white.

So throwback Thursday it is. Post your own pic from yesteryear (I'm on the far left).


Tee said...

LOL. This is why I don't go to the gym. (At least that's a good excuse.)

I love the pic. Reminds me of myself and my sisters.

Nancy said...

Cute pic!

I am just getting the speed up on my texting. It's so much easier just to call. ugh

Jenn said...



LMAO at the "fetus" thing. said...

Love the "throwback" pic. My "yester year" comes out tomorrow... ha ha. Always somethign that makes even me howl. To think we thought that look was good back then!

Love your glasses...

Joanie said...

God, did I rock the bowl cut or what?

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oy, text messaging AND on exercise equipment? I'd be in traction.

That photo is priceless. You are f-u-l-l of teen attitude in it. And, that bowl cut next to you is awesome!