Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Simon and Jenfunkel

Today I spent the better part of the morning cleaning (broken record, we have a house on the market, blah blah blah). But today was different! And horrible! Because I deep cleaned all the bathrooms and that puts me in such a bad place with every member of this family that is not in diapers.Why, why is it so hard for these people to use a toilet neatly? And if they use it, and things are obviously not neat, why is it okay to leave the bathroom in that state? Can you imagine using a friend's bathroom, and not flushing? Or leaving evidence of your bladder and/or bowels on your friend's toilet seat? Or *shudder* walls?

Because mom cleans it. So that was an annoying feather in my cap. I know this is what kids do, but sometimes it pushes me to the edge. Best way to alleviate homicidal feelings and not run off to my shrimp shack in paradise? Why, a song, of course!

(to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's Feeling Groovy)

Slow down, you pee too fast, you've got to to wait for everything to pass.
Just stay on the seat, 'til you are done,you're lookin' for fun when you're goin' potty.
Goin' potty.
Hello children, are ya goin'? 'Cause Mama has her ways of knowin'.
Like poop in the john you didn't flush, do-it-do doo, goin' potty
Goin' potty.
You've got the deed to do and promises to keeplike wiping your bottom and keeping it neat.
Let the urine stop please before you unbend your knees.
God knows how I love you, when I clean your pottyyyyyyyy.

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